Liebliche Maid

(„Früh mit der Lerche-Sang wandert ich weit“)

  • Opus number: op. 4, No. 3
  • Year (first publication): 1845
  • Lyricist: Robert Burns
  • Dedicatee: Niels Gade
  • Key: C major
  • Time signature: 3/8

  Früh mit der Lerche Sang
Wandert' ich weit,
Schlürfte was Wies' entlang
Labung verleiht.
Heiter und goldenrein --
Rief ich -- wie Lenzes Schein,
Möge dein Morgen sein,
Liebliche Maid!

  Mich haben Vöglein dort
Singend erfreut,
Blumen am stillen Ort
Duft mir gestreut.
Wie aus bethautem Grün
Knospen der Rose glühn,
Soll deine Jugend blühn,
Liebliche Maid!

  Girrende Taube fliegt
Frei durch die Heid';
Falk in der Schlinge liegt,
Schafft nicht mehr Leid.
Treffe sein Mißgeschick
Ihn, der mit Wort und Blick
Trübte dein stilles Glück,
Liebliche Maid!

While larks, with little wing,
Fann'd the pure air,
Tasting the breathing Spring,
Forth I did fare:
Gay the sun's golden eye
Peep'd o'er the mountains high;
Such thy morn! did I cry,
Phillis the fair.

In each bird's careless song,
Glad I did share;
While yon wild-flowers among,
Chance led me there!
Sweet to the op'ning day,
Rosebuds bent the dewy spray;
Such thy bloom! did I say,
Phillis the fair.

Down in a shady walk,
Doves cooing were;
I mark'd the cruel hawk
Caught in a snare:
So kind may fortune be,
Such make his destiny,
He who would injure thee,
Phillis the fair.






  • p. 280:
  • Franz an C. Armbruster: "[...] and in "While larks with little wing" my piano accompaniment reproduces the fluttering flight of the noisy bird, of which the original speaks, but not the translation. One may call such things "accidents"; but is it absolutely impossible that my feeling in composing irradiated and understood the originals?"

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