Die süsse Dirn' von Inverness

  • Opus number: op. 4, No. 2
  • Year (first publication): 1845
  • Lyricist: Robert Burns
  • Dedicatee: Niels Gade
  • Key: f-Moll
  • Time signature: 2/4


  • CD 2 Track 3


  • Track 7

    Robert Franz: Lieder Op. 1-4





  • p. 280:
  • Franz an C. Armbruster: In "The Lovely Lass of Inverness" it might seem as if my conception of the angry cry "Now wae to thee, thou cruel lord, a bluidy man I trow thou be" contradicted the principles above-stated. But it is a woman who, in a moment of the highest passion, is conscious of her helplessness and breaks out to herself in quiet lament. The passage also admirably introduces the close, "For mony a heart hast thou made sair," which would not be the case with a wild curse.

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